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Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh - Sailor Moon S


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Haruka and Michiru updated zip
^ Updated zip contains txt, mid, gp5, and pdf

Song/album info:
Track 05
Music composed by Takanori Arisawa


This was a request from metatron in this post:

Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh from the Sailor Moon S Soundtrack. I'm posting this as a WIP because the middle section has some chromatic scales that I'm not 100% sure if I've got right. I'll give it another look-over in a day or so but it's okay for now. Capo on 5

Real nice. I tried to have a


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Real nice. I tried to have a look at that middle section but i don't think i've got it perfect either. Here's what i had


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Chromatics makes me Crazy


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Thanks for the help, quinn! Nice assist! Man these chromatic scales really make my mind and fingers wander all up and down the fretboard lol. I think you had it pretty spot on but I moved the notes down an octave for playability. I think it's sounding pretty close now.

Haruka and Michiru Rev1 zip

Updated zip, ready to submit


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I've updated the tab and I think it's about as good as I can make it. The top post has been edited to have the most up-to date tab link. It's basically ready to be submitted now, so is it necessary to make a new post in the Submissions section? Since I'd basically just be copying the whole first post over?