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Song for Friends - Little Busters! Refrain


Joined: Sep 04 2014

Song for Friends zip

zip contains txt, gp5, mid, and pdf

Song on youtube:

Song/album info:
Disc 1, Track 11

Words/music by Jun Maeda
Arranged by MintJam

The ending song from the anime Little Busters! Refrain for episodes 3, 8, 9, and insert song for episode 13. According to VGMDB it's used in the game as Rin & Yuiko Ending Theme. It's a sad/emotional song. The tab (so far) goes from the intro till the start of the second verse. Standard tuning, capo on 2.

*Edit: Well I finished this much more quickly than I thought I would (had a major breakthrough figuring out the interlude) and the tab is now pretty much complete. I think it's ready for submission so should I make a new post in the Submissions section or is it fine here?