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Blood Teller (piano) - Mirai Nikki


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Blood Teller zip

zip contains txt, gp5, and mid

on youtube:

Piano version of the first ending song of the anime Mirai Nikki, aka Future Diary. Found on Volume 8 of the Ost and played during the final episodes of the series. The original version is performed by Faylan, and Tatsuya Kato was the composer for the soundtracks, but I couldn't find out for sure who wrote the song in the first place.

*Edit: re-upped zip with added tempo change to txt

Another fine tab Mecha, I'm


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Another fine tab Mecha, I'm always happy to see more Anime tabs!

Thanks, Clan.


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Thanks, Clan. I've been hoarding these tabs to myself for too long so I'm happy to share :)

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Your tab

This site is a good resource for composer info on games and anime

Masato Nakayama composed the original song


My Original Songs -



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Thanks for the link, halesperance. It's bookmarked. It never really occurred to me to look up the composers of the songs I'd tabbed out until I decided to submit them here. And it's been driving me crazy since!