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Guitar Pro for piano?

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Hello, gametabbers!

I've been playing the guitar for a while now, and thought it would be cool to give the piano a shot.
I learned to read sheets and I can play a few easy songs so far.

But is there a program for piano sheets that works like guitar pro? Something that showed the sheets while playing a MIDI version of the music. If it could show the piano keys it would help a lot, too.

I searched around on Google but didn't find anything conclusive. I can find tons of sheets, which is great, but it's hard to play more complex songs just with that, specially for a beginner.
And I'm tired of youtube tutorials!



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The first thing that comes to mind is Synthesia. It's not exactly like Guitar Pro but it does play the MIDI and there is a sheet music and piano view. It also shows you which notes are coming. It's also a nice little tool to use when learning piano songs (It's pretty much dedicated to piano).
Have a look on google and youtube for what it looks like. It runs for $40 but is on sale for $29 for summer. There's also a demo if you want to try it out first.

on guitar pro you can go to


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on guitar pro you can go to view and select piano keyboard to see where notes would land on a piano, probably a lot of the guitar duets on here would be simple to turn into piano arrangements



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Yup, Jacob is correct. That's the case with GP6. Not sure about 5 as I haven't used that in ages.

I think Guitar pro 5 can't


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I think Guitar pro 5 can't manage the highest and lowest piano notes but GP 6 should do the trick.
You can view the notes on the keyboard in both.
You can also try Finale.

As Jordan said I don't think


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As Jordan said I don't think the Piano in GP5 has the same range of notes, however it does have a midi keyboard that shows you where the note is the tab is played relative to a real keyboard.