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The Cover Challenge #2: Character Themes (VOTING Time August 29th)


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Thanks to everyone who voted for me and of course, great job to all the participant. All the entries were just awesome ! So here's the rules and the theme for this month ! =)

1) Concept
Each month a theme will be decided (by the winner of the previous challenge) and people will make 1 cover based on this theme. At the end of the month anyone on gametabs will be allowed to vote for the best cover. At the end i'll make a .zip file with all the entries, a cover with simple colors, title and logo + credit file with links to all of your youtube/soundcloud channels.

2) Rules to enter
NEW RECORDING ONLY! The song you are using MUST be put online AFTER the start of the challenge.
No length restriction.
No style or instrument restriction, it could be a guitar cover, piano cover, remix with VST, orchestral arrangement etc.
Only open for Gametabs members !
And of course your cover must fits the theme =)

3) Rules about the vote
During the last 4-5 days of the month anyone can vote (Gametabs members only), you can vote even if you didn't entered.
How to vote? You can give points to 3 songs, 1 points, 2 points and 3 points for you favorite. At the end of the vote the cover with the more points will win. You can vote on the forum or on Private Message with the organizer (me, for this time).

4) What do i win?
The winner will chose the theme of the next challenge and his video/soundcloud will be posted on the Gametabs FB page to give you extra views =).

5) Other rules
The organizer can enter to his own contest but if he ever wins, that will be the 2nd who will be the organizer of the next challenge. So this way it avoids the same person to organize over and over again!
The songs you are using for the Cover challenge can be used for the Gametabs main albums too!
You can't vote for yourself.
It's not a problem if 2 people cover the same song.

THE THEME IS... Character Themes! Here's few examples you can take for this challenge :
- Aerith's Theme (Final Fantasy VII)
- Midna's Lament (TLOZ Twilight Princess)
- LeChuck's Theme (The Secret of Monkey Island)
- Old Snake Theme (Metal Gear Solid 4)
- Frog's Theme (Chrono Trigger)

Good Luck everyone !

What're the rules about


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What're the rules about collabs? If I were to say... be working with Slashbib on a cover that fits this theme... who submits it?




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Haha, that would suck if I had to rewrite everything. Thanks a bunch!