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Hi Everyone I'm Hekdar Thunderfist ( or just call me Chris)

Hekdar Thunderfist

Joined: Jun 15 2015

Hi every body.

I only just found this site and thought the idea of getting everyone together to make these albums is gestalt and I want to help. I'm a guitarist from the UK Surrey to be precise but I'm really a Bristol guy but moved and ....... yea.
I've been playing guitar for 13 years now and have a degree and stuff in it. Any ways that's all boring news no one cares about that.
I have a YouTube channel which has a bunch of my video game covers on it.
If you want you could check it out?

I'm well up for getting involved with the game tabs remixing community so if any one wants any collab help then give me a shout.


Hey man =) Welcome to


Location: Liège (Belgium)

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Hey man =)
Welcome to gametabs ^^


I do VGM covers and stuff at

Welcome to Gametabs man ! =D


Location: Lille (France)

Joined: Apr 08 2014

Welcome to Gametabs man ! =D

He is known by many names,


Joined: Jan 20 2012

He is known by many names, Thunder-fist, mountain slayer but you. You can call him... Chris

Jokes aside welcome to GT, look forward to your work.

Thanks for the welcome

Hekdar Thunderfist

Joined: Jun 15 2015

Thanks for the welcome guys


Hello and welcome!! cool


Joined: Sep 27 2009

Hello and welcome!! cool channel!

Re: Hello and welcome!! cool

Hekdar Thunderfist

Joined: Jun 15 2015

Cheers man