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Good songs to start with?


Joined: Feb 22 2010

So, I've just started playing (again), and I'm wondering what you guys would suggest as far as memorable vg tunes for learning. I'd rather stay away from just single note stuff, if possible, unless it's something like Breezy from FFVIII. I really like the FF Guitar Collection arrangement of Rydia's theme/Main Theme, so anything like that would be lotsa fun.


Oh, and I play acoustic, if that factors in at all.

I think "To Zanakard" it´s a


Joined: Feb 22 2010

I think "To Zanakard" it´s a good song to start, it´s easy and beautiful song. Now if you want something outside the videogame world, I recommend Nirvana´s songs are pretty easy to start, altough you get bored after a while.