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Brutal Legend - Raptor's Veld


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Here's a tab for a short song that plays on the first "continent" of Brutal Legend. Just thought it might be a good addition to the PS3 section, seeing as it's such an awesome game, with awesome music. Hope it's good enough.

Here's a link to what the song sounds like:

(Just for the record, you'll notice some harmonics played at the beginning, but, I can't for the life of my figure one of them out, so, I left them all out of the tab. If someone can figure it out, please, feel free to add them to the tab.)

Re: Brutal Legend - Raptor's Veld


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Here's your tab

Changed the note in bold from 4 to 5 and added the intro


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Thanks for the correction,


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Thanks for the correction, and thank you for adding the intro, as well. :D


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