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Hello there, I'm Fatinalas


Joined: Apr 26 2015

Hi all, I'm Fatinalas, a french guitarist/gamer/dwarf?

I started to visit a while ago, but I never realised that there was a whole community behind. That's why I subscribed, because I'm really passionate about video games's music, I bought a lot of OST, I only play guitar and piano (a bit) for that...

I've a classical, an electric and a folk guitar. I started to practice about 5 years ago. I'm not very good, but not that bad ;)

Hey, welcome man :D I hope


Location: Liège (Belgium)

Joined: Mar 04 2008

Hey, welcome man :D
I hope you'll enjoy being a part of the community =)
I hope you'll show us some recordings soon ^^


I do VGM covers and stuff at