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Need help with recording


Joined: Aug 22 2007

Hey guys, I love to make vids with music and game music, but i find im very limited to what I can do, im not good at editing at all, and would love to put back tracks, and drum tracks and that on my videos, anyone know how to go about this, and put them on, like what programs should i use and such.

Well, those are all skills


Joined: Sep 06 2008

Well, those are all skills that take a lot of work to develop. But for starters you can use something like Guitar Pro or Tuxguitar and play along, or mute the instrument you're playing so you "replace" it with yours. Or just download MIDI files. This is the least effort solution, but it might be just what you're looking for.

If you want stuff to sound better or more professional, you'll need more expensive programs, and you'll need to invest a good amount of time in learning them. (Just having nice programs doesn't make you sound good--you can sound terrible with $1500 of software!) Right now I use Logic Pro + Halion Player + NDK for drums, Garritan Personal Orchestra + Kontakt Player for orchestral stuff, and I play bass and guitar which I also record in Logic. And I use Logic for mixing and such. This is all on a mac, FYI.

I don't know what you'd want to do, yourself--that's just me. There's certainly a lot of other software you could use, for example.



Several software programs


Joined: Sep 08 2022

If you want to add music and drum tracks to your videos, there are several software programs available. Here are a few options:
Adobe Premiere Pro: This is a popular professional video editing software that has various features allowing you to add music and drum tracks, adjust audio levels, and synchronize the audio with your video.
Final Cut Pro: Another professional-grade video editing software, Final Cut Pro is widely used among Mac users and has comparable features to Premiere Pro for adding music and drum tracks to videos.
iMovie: This is a free video editing software that comes pre-installed on most Macs and has basic features for adding music and drum tracks to your videos.
Audacity: As a free and open-source audio editing software, Audacity is primarily designed for editing audio but can also be used for adding music and drum tracks to your videos.
Once you've chosen your preferred program, you can import your video and audio files and start editing. If you're new to editing, there are plenty of online tutorials available to guide you through the process. Good luck with your video creation!

It is also important to test


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It is also important to test your equipment and settings before recording. This will help you ensure that your audio or video is coming through clearly and at the right volume. Visit site to get more writing tips. With these tips in mind, you should be able to produce a high-quality recording. If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to assist you.

File dll


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It might


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