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Any Tremolo exercise?

Brave Toaster

Joined: Nov 08 2009

Good day, guitar friends.
It's been a few days since I started practicing the "Tremolo" technique, and as you may have guessed I'm going pretty bad. I can get the basis thing. One time bass note, and two/three/four times the melody note. But when I do it sounds really sloppy or really slow.

Is there any exercise I can do to improve? Or maybe anyone that has mastered this technique can give me some piece of advice?
I usually get scared that I might never learn this kind of stuff. I WILL TRAIN MORE.

It's important to start


The Cardsharp

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It's important to start slowly and have a nice tone. If you get a sloppy tone, play slower. I've been training my tremolo for about two years and I'm still not very happy with it. It's said that tremolo is work for the whole life :P

Work on only one type of tremolo, f.e. classical PAMI one, don't mix it with other ones.

Don't give up!


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Thank you very much for the

Brave Toaster

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Thank you very much for the advice! It's comforting to know that I am not the only one having problems at tremoloing. Well, I am practicing at least a little bit everyday, and I can feel that I am getting better. Specially on the first string.

One day I'll reach the awesomeness!

I don't mind showing people


Eric: tank,godlike

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I don't mind showing people techniques live by streaming video.

If you want me to do so with tremelo, then just contact me via my msn email or the local shoutbox.

Sir Surreal, this is very

Brave Toaster

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Sir Surreal, this is very gentle of you. I'm sure many people here would be happy with some classes!

ronito's innocent sea is a


Save Your Tears.

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ronito's innocent sea is a good 4 finger tremolo exercise


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Salem sent me this link one


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Salem sent me this link one day and there is a certain exercise that is sure to help you out (it has been the most beneficial thing to my tremolo by far):

The best exercise is the paragraph under example 3. If you cant read sheet music, it doesn't really matter... you can just do it with your right hand on the same string for a while with any note held down or even open.

Words of caution: DO NOT PRACTICE TREMOLO ON THE 1st STRING EXCLUSIVELY (the thin high e)!!!! Your fingers will get sloppy and get used to having no string underneath to hit accidentally. Ideally practice that technique primarily on strings 2 and 3 (the B and G strings). Doing this will help you to mind your fingers from hitting the string below.

Due to the following words of advice, you could learn the tremolo version of spanish romance (aka Romance de amor), but the tremolo for that is primarily on the 1st string. So if you'd like to learn it, make sure to take time to practice on other strings as well.

Also right hand technique is paramount, but does not need to be mentally intensive... if you watch a movie and just practice tremolo on one string while watching a movie, you can get plenty of practice in without noticing much... but don't ignore it enough to get sloppy. If you want a good tremolo you WILL need to invest at least 10 minutes a day. Don't invest hours, or you can hurt your hand, though.

Also one last note. once you are comfortable practicing on one string, then start counting (perhaps even do this from the beginning)... the way I count is like this:

Classical Tremolo: PAMI PAMI (notice these are in groups of four)
P = Thumb
A = Ring
M = Middle
I = Index

Because the classical tremolo is grouped in fours, DO NOT count in fours like this:

1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

If you count it in fours because it is grouped in fours, you will develop a poor habit of a slight stop between the last note of one group and the first note of the second (aka a slight pause between the last "I" and the new "P".

Instead, count it out in 3s, not 4s:

1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3

If you do it like this, it can be brain frustrating at first, but you will develop a MUCH smoother technique at a much faster pace.

For fun, you can also count out in 5s. No multiples or divisions of fours.

Practice this for many months (it may take years... some people fool themselves into thinking their tremolo is good with minimal effort, but it is not). When you feel confident in your tremolo abilities, you can move onto four finger flamenco style tremolo which is usually PIAMI instead of PAMI... I'm going to be honest here, though and say that if you ever try to start learning the flamenco style tremolo, you will probably need an experienced flamenco instructor. If you're serious enough about guitar to learn the four finger tremolo, then you are probably serious about guitar enough to invest in an instructor.

The quote that "tremolo is a life long investment" is true. It can be hard to spot a good tremolo but is VERY easy to spot a bad one.

Sir SalemJeanette, this is

Brave Toaster

Joined: Nov 08 2009

Sir SalemJeanette, this is tha tablature that made me interested in Tremolo at first! It's a shame I can play it properly yet.

And sir Natenmn, thank you VERY MUCH for all this advice. I've been taking some cautions as you said, like in the First String Curse. I found out that "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" is a great music to practice, because it doesn't uses mainly the first string.

Also, AGH, thank you for the Number Technique. I remember my teacher telling me that my tremolo was getting "1234-- 1234--", but since I thought it was a speed matter and that I was learning other stuff at the time, I didn't bother asking. But I'm sure it will take loads of time to train the 3s and 5s, not 4s.

I'll research a bit about Flamenco Tremolo, too. I didn't know that it was such a vast subject, the tremolo thing.

Yep, just catch when I'm the


Eric: tank,godlike

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Yep, just catch when I'm the shoutbox, chances are I'd be up to do a live tutorial. yep.

Tremolo exercises are one of


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Tremolo exercises are one of the most effective ways to practice playing fast. These exercises will help you develop your speed and ability to go from slow to high speeds quickly. Here you get in invest in Ukraine and learn more new ways for Investing in Ukraine. In this article, we are going to look at some common tremolo exercises and demonstrate how to play them with a metronome or just by listening to the song you're working on.