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How do I go about recording?


Joined: Aug 03 2008

So here's the thing... I've got a bunch of songs I'd really like to record, and put on YouTube or whatever, or at the very least I'd like to record myself well enough to make a backing track.

The only problem is that I'm rather poor... I definitely cannot afford proper recording equipment or a new sound card at the moment. The best I've got is a headset mic... a crappy webcam... and an iPhone.

So, for all the rest of you on there on a tight budget, how do you record yourself playing?

You didn't say what you're


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You didn't say what you're recording. If it's a guitar with a pickup, you can do it a lot easier.



I think you can actually get



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I think you can actually get a decent sound from an iPhone
there's an example.

This is what I use


The Fingerstyle Mechanic

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This is what I use it works wonders. Check out my youtube link at the bottom to hear it in action.


Watch me:

I have an electric, and a


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I have an electric, and a classical without a pickup. I'd preferrably like to record either one, but I'd settle for just the electric. These suggestions are awesome; I'm going to try on my iPhone, and maybe I'll pick up that cable! Thank you!

Re: This is what I use


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Hmm does that cable sound good running through a pedal or board? That sounds like a simple and cool way to record. Does it come with editing software too?

Another alternative to the


Da Manliness

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Another alternative to the usb cable mentioned above is the PODstudio GX, it is a zero latency recording interface with decent audio quality, and you can use it with any amp modeling software
should be around 99 bux.