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I'm going to start tabbing things out, what is the best program to use for tabbing? I have power tab but i hate tabbing things out with the moment i will be using notepad. But that would come without an would i make an MP3 from the notepad tab?

Any suggestions?

If you don't like PowerTab I



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If you don't like PowerTab I think you'll not like GuitarPro...
If you transcribe popular songs, just put a link to the midi ( or a video on youtube...
It don't have to be your personnal midi, yes?

Why would you want to export



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Why would you want to export as mp3? X_x

Anyway, I gotta disagree with Rex: I hate PowerTab but like GuitarPro alot better.

Guitar Pro is great! Not if



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Guitar Pro is great! Not if you have a mac with snow leopard though :\

BUT a nice free tabbing system is tuxguitar

You can try it out here

Tuxguitar vs Guitar Pro


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Tuxguitar lets you enter in notes much, much faster than GP with a good set of keyboard shortcuts (not the default, but it's customizable). I don't ever have to use my mouse in Tuxguitar. Also, Tuxguitar doesn't have a concept of bar exceeded/insufficient, as it automatically fills in the appropriate amount of rests and takes them away as you add notes. I like this.

But even though GP is kind of wonky/buggy and has a slow-to-use interface, it has *way* more features. These are missing from Tuxguitar:

- Let Ring
- Gradual changes in tempo etc.
- Exporting crappy sheet music (Tuxguitar's is even worse)
- Saving key signatures (though GP has limited support of key signatures anyway)
- Separate voices on one track

And, most importantly for creating tabs:

- Exporting decent ASCII tabs (Tuxguitar includes no rhythm markers and has quite odd spacing, and creates incorrect tablature if you ever tie a note, etc.)

So you can see, Tuxguitar really isn't sufficient by itself, unless you don't mind editing the text tab until it's usable. So my workflow is using Tuxguitar to enter notes, then Guitar Pro for finishing touches. You can try both though, and see what you like.

Power Tab confused me, but some people like it. I can't comment any more on PTB than that.



Wait Auri... How do you



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Wait Auri...
How do you export sheet music from GP5? I've been having to email the GP file to myself to load it on my drummers computer.

You can export to PDF I


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You can export to PDF I think. And you can choose whether you want to display tablature in the track settings.


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File -> export -> ASCII...



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File -> export -> ASCII... (its like that on the french version)

yes Trangoul, I agree with you, I prefer GP a lot but I can't tell my mind clearly in english about it :X

the PowerTab you find on the internet are less shitty than the GP in my opinion, there's a lot of bad GP tab.
I found a lot of video game powertab but now GP can read Power tab so it dosen't matter anymore :)