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@Gromabgladius oooh change


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@Gromabgladius oooh change 1-2-3 was great nice to see it on someones list.

Guess I can toss out a few more;

Addicted to Curry - Manga
A Fairy Tale of the Demon Lord -webtoon?/Manwah (korean Manga)
The Gamer - Manwah
Dr. Frost - Manwah
Kekashi - Manga
Lassboss x Hero - Manga
Mx0 - Manga (unfinished sadly)

Well that will be it for my list for a while, I need to read some more series.

Re: Hmm. Nodame Cantabile - Great


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Kabukibear said


Nodame Cantabile - Great if you like humor mixed with classical music ...

Haijime no Ippo - This one is just great. It's a boxing anime but you see the guy progress from being a complete nobody to being the best. It's nice to see an anime where the guy works hard, gets really strong, and kicks ass. Usually once the main character gets stronger suddenly everyone else becomes stronger and they get their ass kicked again.

I really like the fact that a lot of anime are sports-themed. I'm not sure about boxing but I liked Free!: Eternal Summer. I first became interested in professional sports after that. But swimming is too unspectacular so I preferred to intervene with cricket - It is a pity that the main competitions are held in India, but I am always up to date thanks to the Internet resources.