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So there is this collection of '39 progressive solos for classical guitar' I want to mimic with video game music.

Andras Braten

Joined: Mar 07 2015

There is this book directed to new students that shows some classical sheet music in a clear difficulty progression I would like to mimic this, or something like we see in Delcamp Forums, a famous collection of classical sheet music categorized by 'year', with video game music. Is there any similar initiative? If not, what do you think about starting one?

I really believe this can solve a big problem with classical guitar studies, that is this feeling I don't like the music I'm being taught to, and I'm only being taught with it because that is common ground on academic circles that some spanish person studies are the best way to whatever. All respect to Francisco Tarrega and Fernando Sor, that's not the point, but I'd rather play music I learned to love in my entry-level studies instead of something arbitrarily chosen by people that have nothing in commom with me.

So, what do you guys think?

I can't speak for Tarrega,


Joined: Feb 28 2014

I can't speak for Tarrega, but I know that in the case of Sor a lot of what his compositions are designed to be technically difficult over being musically interesting. According to Wikipedia later in his life he actually got really bitter over people asking him to write nice-sounding, simple music. The benefit of Sor is that because his pieces are so demanding to play they build skills really well, sorta like just practicing arpeggiated chords. It's not meant to be the most beautiful song in the world, it's just practice.

I do think it would be cool to make a guide based on video game pieces progressing from easy to difficult though. Selecting pieces is gonna be a little weird though because not many pieces are written with solo/duet guitar in mind :P