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Question Regarding Acoustic/Classic Guitars


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Hi, I'm new here and have a few questions to ask you veterans.

First off, I'd like to commend the tabbers on this site. I am simply blown away by the intricacy and accuracy of the tabs. You guys have some serious talent, and hopefully I will be able to contribute in the future.

Anyways, I am a new guitar player and currently have a cheap fender star caster electric guitar. At the moment I am in the process of learning basics through's free guitar lessons (there's actually a lot), and the only actual songs I play are simplified versions of video game themes. In example, You're Not Alone from FF9, Red Wings from FF4 and Wind Scene from Chrono Trigger.

They are really fun to play but unfortunately sound poor on my cheap electric guitar, which is why I want to buy a more suitable guitar.

I am a huge fan of LonLonJP and I notice that in a lot of his videos he uses a Ibanez EW10-A (which for someone reason I cannot find any EW10 models, only 20+). I'm pretty sure it is an acoustic guitar but aren't his songs more classical? I want to get a Ibanez EW20 mainly because LonLonJP uses Ibanez EWs, and I have no clue what else would be good for his tabs.

I am not sure which type of guitar to get to play these video game tabs, so I was hoping you could tell me what you guys use (classical or acoustic), and then suggest a guitar. My budget is $500ish, but I can spend some more if it is really worth it.

Thanks a lot!

Re: Question Regarding Acoustic/Classic Guitars


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You don't have to have a classical guitar to play classical style, and you don't have to play classical style on a classical guitar.

The best thing to do is to go to a store, try out both. ^-^ I like steel string better, but there seem to be more people here who prefer classical. Lonlon has both!



Auri pretty much said it,



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Auri pretty much said it, neither nylon nor steel strings are the holy grail of guitarism. It depends on the song and of course your own taste whether you're better off with a classical or an acoustic.
So go to the store and try different guitars (acoustics, classicals, cheap ones, expensive ones, ...) to find out what you really want. And take your time doing that.
Good luck ^.^

PS: I'm using a classical guitar, because I prefer the mellow sound of nylon strings and I'm used to the wider fretboard (though, there are some acoustics models with 50mm wide fretboard, I believe ...)

Hmm, thanks for the feedback


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Hmm, thanks for the feedback guys. I had read a thread earlier about playing classical music (I'm guessing game tabs count as classical music?) with fingerpicking, and they said that it sounds fuller on acoustic steel than classical nylon strings. I think they said the trade off is that it is supposedly harder.

So do you guys think the Ibanez EW20 series is good for playing these game tabs? Also, is there an easy way to figure out the differences between the EW20 models? There is the EW20SGENT, EW20LASENT, EW20ZWENT and etc. It looks almost only superficial in the differences when I compare them.

Re: Hmm, thanks for the feedback


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I think the difference between the different Exotic Wood series guitars is the wood. I don't really know--I looked at them before, and they were pretty, but I didn't try one out, so I can't really comment.



Re: Auri pretty much said it,


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Pretty much this. Try out the guitar YOU like. Your prefered tone is necessarily like lonlons so try out many different and becareful about the choice. Last thing you want to do is a pick a guitar whos tone you dont like.

EDIT-Whoops I was pose to quote Trangoui

Exotic woods tend to be


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Exotic woods tend to be glorified a bit too much. There really isn't some rare wood out there that will make your guitar sound like bulbasaur using solar beam. It's major matter of preference.

Not just in looks, mind you, but in the slight differences woods have in their bass, middle, and treble ranges. Exotic woods like koa are expensive for the purpose of being exotic. Otherwise, koa is like a more extreme version of mahogany when it comes to sound.

Lest you plan to order without play testing the different models in their various woods, I suggest you read up on some basic information.

This said, prices go up as wood quality and cut quality increase, so be sure to recognize what you're actually paying for.

yeah as stated eariler by


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yeah as stated eariler by auri its going to come down to personal preferance and what it is you need and feel comfortable with. Take me for example I've got huge hands and when I went to test out guitars I could hardly play the steel strings because my fat fingers would mute 2 or 3 strings in the process but when I played the classicals it fit just right and thats what your looking for, a guitar that fits you just right. As far as woods exotic woods like koa maybe a tad overrated, but the main thing I look for in woods is the top I prefer a cedar top period over a spruce and if you go classical that mainly what they use for there tops. Steel string Acoustics mostly always have spruce tops which can take a long time to open up. I honestly know of 1 guitar maker for steel strings that use cedar tops on there guitars and thats Seagull Guitars which im thinking about getting. So go out and try a few see what fits you best the bad thing is tho if you go to places like Guitar Center I can tell you most if not all there strings on the guitars they sell are old and need to be changed the sound you will get from old strings might disscurage you a bit but remember that's a high traffic store.

Guitars I prefer Classical Acoustic


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I agree with surreal, usually


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I agree with surreal, usually try to stay away from lower priced exotic wood guitars because at that price they are not solid exotic wood so you are not really getting the full tonal benefits from them. then when you do go to solid exotics the price is exponentially higher than non "exotic" wood guitars. if anything first look for a solid top for your guitar. spruce is the industry standard but there is also cedar which is starting to become more common on guitars. solid tops contribute the most tonally , back and sides can be laminate. i prefer them for the tonal consistency and strength.
a few good companies to look at are

Yamaha-they have a wide selection of steel and nylon string guitars at various price points.

La Patrie, Seagull, simon and Patrick-they are all owned by the same company in canada they are all very good quality made with very good woods.(side note simon and patrick originally made guitars for martin under contract but when the contract expired they continued making guitars with the same designs and tools under the S&P name)

Revival guitars- a fairly new company whos factory is located in china. the make really good priced martin style guitars. most of them with solid tops.

there are a bunch more but those companies are a good starting point.

You won't always get the


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