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Alice Madness Returns - Radcliffe's Fate


Matheus Massinelli

Joined: Feb 16 2015


Here is a tab that i made for this song:
Radcliffe's Fate

Hope you all like it.

Original Song:

Video demonstration:


Your tab


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Your tab

I also posted Dr. Bumby

You only need to post either with the "submit guitar tab" button or the forum.

You posted a midi for Radcliffe, not sure if you forgot or if you just didn't make one for Bumby and Reset. It's not needed though since you have the video example, but you can update with the midis if you want.

Hope to see more tabs for your other videos!


My Original Songs -

Thanks buddy! You'll see


Matheus Massinelli

Joined: Feb 16 2015

Thanks buddy!

You'll see soon" ^_^

I do have at least 4 other arrangements already done, just waiting for my new mic to record, and then, post here!

Tyhanks for the support,

Matheus M. =)


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