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Yggdra Union - "The People"


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My second tab here, and the first done completely myself [the chrono trigger trial lead on bass was just a reworked guitar tab, not done from the audio]

Yggdra Union - the People zip w/ txt, mid, jpg, and tuxguitar files
here's all the files zipped up for the transcription of the song that plays in towns, villages, (p)et(e) cetera

Yggdra Union - the People midi
midi I made with tuxguitar

the original [gba apu version] on youtube
Yggdra Union - the People gba osv
I had actually used the instrumented version [2nd disc of the Perfect Audio Collection +]
but I couldn't find it [didn't exactly look hard, lucky I didn't just use the bath scene].

I'm also doing an arrangement of the piece for bass [cos that' how I do] so any critiques or comments welcome and wanted.
And yeah I know it's a 5 second loop, but it's the first vg song that stuck in my head in a good way in a long time.

Your tab sir thanks for your


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Your tab sir thanks for your 2nd contrabution to the site :) Yggdra Union - "The People"


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