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Zuhzu Mgc.

Joined: Aug 15 2009

Hey there, I'm Zuhzu.

I love video games, and I always wanted to play guitar; so here I am. :D

I'm a Theology major at University, 20, and live in the UK.

When I went to university, one of my friends showed me how to play his guitar and I thought it was awesome. So I bought my own guitar with nylon strings, started to play the same old out of tune Amazing Grace song and then left my guitar in the corner for 6 months, lol. Anyway, I'm trying to learn again with about an hour/2 hours practice a day. I was thinking that if I could get a song I know pretty well by ear (probably a Final Fantasy tune) that is easy to play, I would learn from there. Is that a good idea, and if so does anybody have any suggestions? There doesn't seem to be a difficulty filter on the tabs here (nor on Ultimate-Guitar) D:

Anyway thanks, and I'll see you all around ;D

Welcome Zuhzu, there is a lot


Joined: Jun 06 2009

Welcome Zuhzu, there is a lot of Final fantasy tab here, i'm sure you'll find one at your level :)


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I was looking around Youtube,

Zuhzu Mgc.

Joined: Aug 15 2009

I was looking around Youtube, Breezy on FFVIII seemed pretty simple, and the video guide [] is pretty simple. :D

Thanks for the welcome.

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