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Gametab Magazine Ideas, Comments, Thoughts, and Discussion


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As most of the members here, I'm interested as to where this idea goes.

As the title describes this thread is for anything towards this gametabs magazine project. Anything at all, we'd like to hear it.

I can also keep a list of ideas here as things progress.

Article Ideas:

  • Section to review current tabs - Yoshistrings
  • Section to review latest recordings - Jacob2123843943
  • Hardware section to discuss various gear from recording and mixing equipment to instruments and their accessories - Nateman
  • Review and discussion of various tablature and other music programs - Nateman
  • Guide sections involving tutorials for basic music theory and transcribing songs for novice tabbers as well as more in-depth theory on choosing appropriate chords for arranging - kimpile
  • Section entailing different players' favorite exercises and songs with commentary - Salemjake
  • Article about what video game music you should listen to during various activities such as working out - cosmicz
  • Several "How-To" sections entailing various key parts in music theory and its application - Orusaka

Re: Gametab Magazine Ideas, Comments, Thoughts, and Discussion



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Like I said earlier, a section for critiquing various tabs.

critiques of the latest


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reviews of the latest recordings

Although it's not necessarily


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Although it's not necessarily related to gametabs directly, maybe a section for reviewing hardware and accessories... for example, a "Must have accessories" article would be neat and could help give ideas to people who have never thought about that. Things like capos, effect pedals, cleaning items, etc. could be explained under this.

Also, maybe a software review... maybe something like "Best free music/tab software" or "Guitar pro alternatives" would be good for those that don't want to spend money or obtain their software through shady means.

section to talk about people


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Section to talk about people favorite exercises or favorite songs to play.


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I'de like to see some basic


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I'de like to see some basic "theory" to transcribe song for apprentice tabber, how they recognize the chord and making their picking. But it's just an idea :D


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How about a section about


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How about a section about what would be the best game music for working out. Just a one time article. Mega Man music while jogging. You wont be jogging. You'll be running then fainting!

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While a column on arranging


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While a column on arranging might be interesting as such, it would really just be music theory, the rest being development of indivdual style. I like the idea of creating some articles explaining the essential musical theory involved in arranging music ie, using consonance and dissonance to build and release tension and various ideas and approached to harmonizing, for instance triads.

However, this might be better served as a how-to section with a hands-on approach than a magazine article. I'm sure a lot of people here would enjoy a series of how-tos taking the basis in a simple melody (twinkle, twinkle, little star is often used to teach harmony) that takes different approached to hamony and arrangement, and then eventually builds to including them all.

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I e-mailed an interview to archard this morning, so I should hear back from him eventually. =)

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A section where a song is analyzed (even more than 1 per magazine) what it's altenatives of adding something else are, how it selfezplains and etc... then 3 or 4 people of the forum should give their idea of the song..
Just an idea...


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Maybe listing composers on



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Maybe listing composers on new games coming out, what kind of music we could expect to hear... almost like a game trailer, but instead of the game, for the music.


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