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Laptop soundcard issues


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I'm looking for someone to help me with my laptop's soundcard woes. When I plug in headphones to the input jack, the sound continues to play through the speakers. The headphones are connected very firmly, I'm sure of this. At first, it would play both through the headphones AND the speakers at the same time, but now it only plays through the speakers. It's an Acer 6920, a little over a year old.

I think this is a soundcard issue, and most likely something is physically wrong with it. Has anyone had a similar issue? Has anyone replaced a soundcard in a laptop before? The laptop is not under warranty anymore, so I will have to buy and replace the parts myself. I have no problem buying the parts, I just have no idea how to replace the soundcard. I opened up the laptop and didn't see a clear way to remove the soundcard, so I decided to stop messing with it.

do you have multiple



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do you have multiple headphone jacks? If not, it could be that the headphone jack is no longer capable of ackgnowledging the fact that headphones are plugged in. It's happened to me before.

i would check the audio


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i would check the audio settings in control panel see if there is a setting for headphones. Like automaticaly sitch to headphones when pluged in or something.


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Most laptop soundcards are part of the motherboard, so this could be tricky. I would look into yoshistrings's idea first. Unless your computer is older than mine vic's idea about automatically switching over seems outdated on most laptops. Good luck, archard. My laptop speakers died on me not too long ago, and I haven't had the motivation to fix them really. My headphones still work, though. Funny, kind of the reverse. =P

It indeed sounds like a


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It indeed sounds like a physical problem, but maybe a driver update will work. I've never had an Acer system, but it seems like drivers can be easily updated through their 'Driver Robot'. ( Hope this works. :)