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Kabukibear tabs


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As a guy still learning, those tabs are hard... I am playing on an acoustic with some medium/heavy strings.

Any advice? What should I practice to become more used to the songs? I know they sound beautiful which is

why I want to learn it. Where to start? Thanks.

just keep practicing his



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just keep practicing his tabs, you'll get the hang of it eventually, and then you should be in the clear as far as kabuki's style goes.

just keep practicing :p


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just keep practicing :p practice practice practice makes perfect


lawl yoshistrings was faster :D but we had the same idea. great minds think alike

another advice: don't rush


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another advice:

don't rush things. start playing the songs veeeeery slowly (although this way of playing is more difficult imo, but if you do, you're learning the songs properly and it will be easier to go fast later. you have to train your brain lawl). also make sure to repeat sections, that you are not good at. only if you work on your weak parts, you'll get better, even if that means that you have to torment yourself or force things a little bit)

if you're new to playing the guitar i recommend you start with some easier songs, which only include a main melody or the descant/sopranto/treble notes. so only one string at a time. or a soprano and a bass note at a time ("system of a down - roulette" is what comes to my mind, when i think of playing one soprano and one bass note at a time). kabukibear's arrangements are beautiful but also kinda difficult to play (maybe they sound so beautiful because they're so difficult) especially for beginners. you have to get used to the instrument in the first place with some easier songs and with warming up techniques (for instance just play 1-2-3-4 on each string, e 1-2-3-4, a 1-2-3-4, d 1-2-3-4, etc.) don't give up, mastering the guitar takes a loooong time. i play guitar for 4 years and i'm still not that good (and have to get used to the guitar everyday. to be more specific everytime i pick up the guitar). don't listen to some posers who say they play for 1 month and are rocking the s*** outta the guitar. these guys are either incredible talented guitar gods or simply lying. either way they want you to feel bad (or they make you feel bad, maybe unintentionally, but there are some sick people outta there lawl) and so ignore what they say, even if it may be true. just do your own thing and trust in yourself. and if you think your playing gets even worse after practicing a lot, which seems contradictory, i can calm (~?) you. this is normal. you're brain has to get used to your fingermoving and everything connected with playing the guitar. eventually/in the long term you'll get better.

Its going to take a little


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Its going to take a little bit of time for you to start getting the hang of kabukis tabs. I learned Circle of Eternity first now I'm on his Kingdon of SanDoria arrangement. Some of his tabs can be a bit complex starting out but with practice you will get it the hang. First thing I did was learned fingerpicking with his Reminiscence (Suikoden 2) Guitar Tab all I did was practice the intro over and over and over using different fingers. Learn some chord progression also and if your fingers are hurting I would go with some lighter strings if your just starting out.


Watch me:

I'm not new to guitar. I've


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I'm not new to guitar. I've been playing guitar on and off for several years.
I haven't taken it serious since the last few months and I really want to do some
crazy finger picking along video game music. I guess I'm just not used to kabukibear's
arrangements yet. I can handle archard's Radical Dreamers tho =).
Well, I will practice until my fingers bleed! Ahaa. Thanks for the replies and rock on ya'll.


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Get a nylon-stringed


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Get a nylon-stringed classical guitar, it will make things much, much easier.

Research on classical repertoire


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You may want to do some research in classical repertoire if you are playing nylons.
Just playing VG arrangements doesn't make your fingers struggle much,
they are fun to play and sometimes classical repertoire can get a bit boring, but it's a good investment
for developing technique.


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just practice exercises then



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just practice exercises then aim for his tabs.