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Help required regarding tone


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My guitar has a different tone than normal. It's a horrible, "buzzy" tone, and it's usually set so that the higher strings play a ska sound and the bottom strings a rock sound. I'm not sure how to fix this. My tone controls on the guitar are same as normal. Everything is as it is always on the amplifier. I've tried multiple leads. It must be a problem with the amplifier, but it has not been touched since yesterday, and it was working fine then, and it is in the same condition as it is usually. Would any of you have any ideas about what is wrong and how I could fix it? Thanks in advance.

Re: Help required regarding tone


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It's really hard to say from such a vague description, and also I am no expert on electric guitars, but if you are saying that your aplifier creates a buzzing sound when you play, I guess it could have blown. Can you plug ear-phones into your amp? If you can, try and see if the same sound is present through those. Of course, easiest way to check if it's the guitar or the amp is to try the amp with a different guitar, but if you can't do that, you can at least check if it's blown by using ear-phones.

Usually, though, and especially if you have no reason to suspect your amp is blown, when I have troubles with my get-up, it's the guitar. Especially if you a cheap entry-level type guitar (standard squier or such), like I do because I'm an acoustic player, wires tend to come loose after a few years. Wires can come loose from the socket, the mics, the volume knob and the tone knobs. I've had both the volume knob, the socket and a mic come loose on me, and I've had to solder them back on. Eventually, I just had a guitar expert friend of mine change the entire internal wiring, so I don't have those problems anymore, thankfully.

Bottom line, could be anything, but start narrowing it down by figuring out if it's the guitar or the amp. (or more unlikely, the cable)

Re: Help required regarding tone


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Thanks for the advice, I'll try soon when I gather the patience, although I'm already sure it's the amp. The guitar didn't come cheap, and is quite good (Danelectro Silvertone), but I have had it for quite some time, so it may well be the wiring. I'll have to check soon.

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There is the possibility you need to change strings and adjust intonation as well. The buzzing u are describing might be the guitar needs some adjustments, listen really carefully unplugged, play open strings then play with the 12th fret, is there a difference in tone (like does it sound like its slightly out of tune), also check with like a thick piece of construction paper or a playing card to see if the strings are touching any of the frets, this could create the buzzing you describe (I have seen guitar experts use some gauging plastic thing to make sure the string height is uniform, not sure what its called but i use my pick and a tuner and get the octaves of open and 12fret the same). Video or audio would help and there is the chance what I'm describing has nothing to do with it, but its worth a look. Regular maintenance like changing the strings (always use same gauge to prevent some problems down the road) help so much for tone.


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