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Final Fantasy VIII - Cactus Jack


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Okay, so I've been working on an arrangement of Cactus Jack, or the Galbadian Anthem, in my spare time this past week, and I think I've mostly finished it up by now. I'm not quite sure I'm neccessarily taking it in the right direction. Naturally, it's hard to convey that type of music piece on a guitar, so eventually I just decided to make it sound like something that could ostensibly have been written for it.

There's no tab, because I haven't started it yet, but I have attached an mp3. You'll have to exuse the many mistakes I make. I have hardly practised it. Either way, it's not the point, it's not meant as a performance. Do you think the style is ruining the integrity of the piece, or is it okay?

Cactus Jack wip

Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Cactus Jack

Brainsick Fungus

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I like it. I'd say this is worth cleaning up and finishing.