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My parents are the definition of "Mormon". Today my parents went through my writings and didnt like what they read. I had written a couple lyrics for some songs I have been working on along with a book i was writing. They didnt like it because of some of the "Dialog" of my stuff. So what do they do they throw it out. 156 pages of book, music, and screenplays are now gone.

My question is do parents have the right to destroy artistic careers? Was it fair that they can throw away my stuff because of language? I have to restart all over again on all my work.

I dont know but i think its fucked up that they did that.

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what i could do ?

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shinely09 said

what i could do ?

Parents these days sometimes go to far, yes thats true some are or do get over protected of the children and I can totaly understand why these days. Which can be a good or bad thing sometimes. I dont know how old you are but your parents seem to care about the stuff you write down which is a good thing trust me. Was it wrong to throw out your stuff YES it was plain and simple, but dont hate them for doing what a parent is suppose to do when they find stuff like that. I know those writings ment the world to you, I say sit down with your parents and talk to them they will listen but you also need to listen to what they say in turn . Im 28 now and never could understand why they were the way they were until I grew up and undertood everything. Your there baby plain and simple and you will always be that in there eyes no matter what, thats why they acted the way they did. I think they should have held on to them until an age that was better for them but they didnt,if your going to keep writing then its time to find a safe place to keep them so they wont get found again. But try to commuicate with your parents man let them know that you want to be a writer some day open there eyes and assure them that there kid is OK with writing stuff of that nature be mature about it.

just so you know i was rushing to write this because i had to go to work. I know theres alot of errors in it but i think i got my point across


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I don't know how old you are, but "technically" speaking, your parents can do whatever they please until you're 18. Well that's how a good amount of people view the whole parenting thing from what I have seen. I don't agree with it, but I can to see how it makes sense. I'm 17 and my parents have never had that state of mind and they have always respected what I had to say and all that stuff.

It was absolutely wrong and unfair for them to throw away your hard work and creativity. It was your personal work that you took the time to create, so you should have been the one to decide whether you wanted to build upon it or destroy it yourself. Now you have to take the time to rebuild what you had when it could have been avoided.

I'm not sure how vulgar your choice of words was, but regardless, you should try to talk to them about it. Communication is a key factor in any relationship you have with anyone. It sounds like they want you to agree with everything they believe is right and wrong since you're their child. Try to make them understand where you're coming from, since they did not understand how important your work was to you. I'm sure if you do this in a decent manner, they will come to realize that your views and theirs will not always agree with each other. That's life. Chances are you'll never come across someone who agrees with 100% of what you have to say.



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kill your parents.

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shinely09 said

My parents are the definition of "Mormon"...

Hey, do you live in Utah too? If so, we should get together and jam some VG tunes with Mr. Nozzie.

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Agreeing with Vic here. Try not to strain your relationship with your parents; you'll regret it when you're older. Your parents don't have "the right to destroy artistic careers", but they're clearly taking an interest in your work and looking out for you. Everyone stresses "individualism" and "following your own heart", but from experience/in retrospect, I would have been far ahead of where I am now if I had just swallowed my ego and taken advice from people already weathered by their life choices.

tl;dr: Talk to your parents


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surreal said

kill your parents.

Just because it worked for surreal doesn't necessarily mean tat's going to work for you.

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Sue them when you're older.

not cool


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A little to far in my opinion. Sure they are your parents but to destroy your book of music lyrics etc. it's just
as bad as taking away your freedom of speech.

You weren't writing the


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You weren't writing the second edition of "Mein Kampf", were you?


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