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Paypal Good or Bad?


Joined: Feb 17 2009

I recently took an interest in buying older games and i have been watching ebay for awhile. So i want to know if paypal is good or not. I've heard bad reports but i've also heard of plenty of people that use it with no trouble. I also need to know how to send stuff on ebay do i package it and send it to a place near them or something else? Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Paypal Good or Bad?


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ive used it recently to get my effects pedal Ive never had any problems with them in the past or present. I use paypal whenever I buy off ebay to me its safe.


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Re: Paypal Good or Bad?


Eric: tank,godlike

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Logically, using paypal is much safer in any situation. Inputting your credit card number and PIN multiple times on different sites and servers is quite hazardous if you think about it. Better to have everything go through a single secondary hub like Paypal.

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PayPal is far worse for sellers than buyers.

As a buyer, it's very easy to file a complaint against a non-shipping seller and have their whole PayPal account frozen.

When selling, you shouldn't have much to worry about as long as you don't screw anyone over or make an obscene amount of money really fast. In either case, your account may be frozen indefinitely and you have little to no recourse.

I've used paypal a few times


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I've used paypal a few times for ebay. Smooth transaction.


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we should have a paypal



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we should have a paypal button on this site...