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Old R-Type Music


Joined: Jun 27 2009

I'm a big R-Type fan, and always was since I was just a kid. Since the music for the newer games are to techno-ie to make tabs for, I was hoping somebody could stab at some old songs. I'd at least recommend the first level theme for R-Type and R-Type III (they're the same). Very rock sounding, and I've already figured out the fingering for most of it, and just can't get the brain capacity to do the solo in the theme, hehe. I would've submitted what I know, but seeing how it's unfinished... yeah.


Re: Old R-Type Music


Joined: Sep 06 2008


There is a request section where you can post asking for a song, like you just did. It's in the black "nav bar" on the top. Also, you can submit your unfinished work--post it to the "Works In Progress" forum. Or you could post it along with your request.

I don't actually know any R-Type music but I'll take a listen XD