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I made a triangle solver!


Nate Brooks

Location: Utah

Joined: Jan 05 2011

I made an oblique triangle solver!

(if you didn't know, an oblique triangle is one where all it's sides are different lengths, and it's not a right triangle)

Let me know if there are any bugs when you try it out!

It should stop you from using any numbers that will not make a triangle, like if all 3 angles don't add up to 180 degrees, or if one leg is longer than the other 2 added together.

My plan is to now convert this to an android app =)

Oh, and to solve for the 2nd triangle and to check for all your bad inputs, the code is 575 lines long.

A solution for love triangles


Joined: Jan 20 2012

A solution for love triangles would have been way better :)
I must admit though I wish I had this when I was still in school. lol