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A beginner's questions


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S'up everyone! First time poster here.

This first paragraph of the thread will just give you guys an idea of my experience in guitar so far. Feel free to skip.
Been playing guitar since around mid August, having classes once a week and practicing everyday, training the songs the teacher (private classes - not good learning 100% on my own on the internet) gave me every week. However, I haven't had any classes (or new songs) for the past month because coincidentally I had to do other important stuff (tests mostly) on the class days. So I've been praticing the same song (some sample learning song) and also the initial chords of Adele's Someone like You (I was told to keep practicing those as an introduction to chords - still getting the hang of it, as it requires some tricky finger placement). Fortunately I'm sure I'll be back to the classes this week.

Anyway, I found this site recently and I wanted to find some gaming tabs to pratice and get better during the vacation (10 days left to begin :D), anyone has reccomendations on some gaming tabs (not so difficult) to try, and also tips to improve generally on playing the guitar?

What genre of music are you



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What genre of music are you looking to play and do you play finger style of flat pick? :3



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Welcome to my favorite tab site.

The reason I love this site more than any other is the plethora of fingerstyle guitar arrangements.

If you don't know what I mean check out these two videos of two of my favorite arrangements we have here..

As you can see and hear, these guys are playing more than one part simultaneously by using their fingers as opposed to a pick, this is what I mean by "fingerstyle".

If your goal is to get better playing guitar I definitely recommend starting to learn fingerstyle. Whether you decide to play with a pick or not, practicing fingerstyle guitar will improve your technique. Also the most advanced pick guitarists frequently use their other fingers to "hybrid" or "chicken" pick, so even if you want to be a master shredder, you'll need to get this down eventually.

Although it is daunting at first to play notes at the same time, the challenge will force you to get a lot better very quickly. Also when not playing with a band, there is no other way that sounds as good or is as satisfying to play.

They have a saying in the military, slow becomes smooth and smooth becomes fast. This is exactly the mindset you need to get better at playing guitar. Just get your fingers on the notes, go through the song very slowly and you'll get better and better until you have it down, and your technique will have improved greatly because of it.

Some fingerstyle pieces are extremely difficult while others are not as much. Just remember that generally, the more challenging a piece is, the more you will improve by mastering it. Don't underestimate yourself, it's not that hard, if you're getting frustrated by a song, just take it slower and or switch to another song for a bit. I'm usually working on several songs at any one time because I get bored of practicing the same part slowly over and over.

Anyway sorry for the rant, that's just my thoughts on the subject. I just wish someone would have told me all of this years ago before I wasted all my time learning bluesy rock solos and sounding just like any other guitarist in the world, not getting any better.


PS to find fingerstyle tabs, click "By Style" under "Browse Tabs" on the left and then hit "Arrangement" or "Fingerstyle" on the next page, then go looking for one of your favorite games.

Re: What genre of music are you


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Colin_spade said

What genre of music are you looking to play and do you play finger style of flat pick? :3

I came to this site mainly for the game songs (Mainly Pokémon and Zelda), outside of that, mostly rock (and most variations of it). I'm actually looking for some easy game ones, but feel free to reccomend anything!

I'm still a beginner, still use fingerstyle. Might buy a pick sometime or just cut a credit card or somenthing to make one.

Also, shoutout to the guy who posted before me. It's a wall of text so I didn't quote you. Thanks a lot! It is a lot of text, but it is helpful!