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Where to find composer information


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For the longest time, I have had trouble trying to find the composers for some of the songs that I tab. I don't really know where to look. Is there some sort of database that I can use that has info on composers of video game and anime music? Right now I'm working on a song called "Be Survivor" which is an insert song from the anime Eyeshield 21 but I can only find the band who performs it and not specifically who is attributed with writing it. Obviously, this site does a good job at fixing my mistakes in the composers section whenever I post tabs but I'd like to be able to do it properly and I'm not sure where to find things sometimes. Just googling it doesn't help when the song is more obscure.

Insert songs are usually done


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Insert songs are usually done by the bands themselves not the composer of the series (hence the credits in the OP). This isn't always the case like in Gundam seed where the people behind the music also have a hand in some of the openings, I'm sure there are more to add but this is just one series that comes to mind.

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VGMDB is the best resource


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VGMDB is the best resource for game and anime composers. Many times you will find out who composed and/or arranged each specific track when there are multiple composers.

These two albums for Eyeshield are good examples of soundtrack breakdowns, even what band performed each song

But your song isn't listed on those. It is listed here but doesn't have a breakdown. There is a list of bands but not which band played each song. However the CDJapan link on VGMDB says the band "ZZ" played that song. That doesn't mean they composed it though, becuase the other album says the song "Midnight Sunshine" was composed and arranged by Kenji Fujisawa who is not a member of ZZ.

Then I checked a page of ZZ's discography and found "Be Survivor" listed on two albums from 2005. And "Midnight Sunshine" isn't listed on any of their albums. I think it's safe to assume they composed "Be Survivor" themselves.

It usually doesn't take this much research...


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Re: VGMDB is the best resource


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I appreciate the thoughtful post. You've been very helpful.


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You can find composer


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You can find composer information by searching the name on the ASCAP website. You can also search the name of a composer by using Google. In addition, you can search for composers' names on Wikipedia and on various other online databases. Try this site for best services. If you are looking for a specific piece of music, you may want to search for that piece on YouTube or Vimeo. This can be helpful for learning about how different types of music are composed, as well as for determining if you like the song or not.

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