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Help transcribing Corridors of time


Joined: Jan 29 2009

Hey guys,

I thought I'd challenge myself and learn lonlonjp's wonderful Corridors of Time arrangement (, but it turns out it's really difficult to tell what he's doing sometimes, which makes tabbing it out for you guys even harder. I've deciphered up to about 0:50 of the song, and I'm willing to tab it out, but I'm wondering about a few things:

1) Can anyone tell what he's doing when he plays the long harp-like chord at 0:13 and other places? I know the chord he's holding, but what strings is he pulling and in what order? And is it difficult or do I just suck? Whenever I try to play it, it sounds half-assed.

Also, I have a feeling it would look very ugly in a tab as I can't show it as a chord, but have to show every note he picks in the chord, and they would probably be something like 1/32th notes. Any ideas?

This is the closest I've gotten.

2) How do you mark the tap he starts doing on the strings at around 0:50 in a tab? Maybe there's a tab symbol for it, but I don't know what it's called.

Thanks for any and all help!