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Tales of Eternia II


Joined: Apr 10 2007

So an idea:

I've noticed the literally nonexistent collection of tales series tabs besides the single one for Tales of Phantasia.
Some of the most epic music i've ever heard has come from Tales of Eternia (tales of destiny II).
This is one of the best RPG's i've ever played and The music was a huge part to the experience.

I'm willing to spend alot of time on this, so bear with me.

I want to do a collaboration to record some of these songs, not only as a challenge to myself, but to create a growth in the recording community. Since there is not really that much reference for these songs it could be a challenge to yourself as well to build a stronger musical foundation.

If you have interest to record any of these songs, hit me up on aim: EeinIsCool
Also, direct any mastering/mixing work my way as well. I always need to occupy my time.


Tales of Eternia
REFERENCE Track listing: GO HERE
Under audio click "show" by track listing.