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I think it's being kept too strict, for game & anime tabs.

Hatsune Miku/vocaloid crap, just because I saw an old post of it being denied

There are so many wonderful songs that aren't gongg to get the chance to be transcribed [well] to guitar because they may not strictly fit into the categories
The anime section should either be labeled 'weeaboo' or just allow related songs like those.

It just sounds nicer to be able to find nice weeaboo tunes here- on a familiar site,
(which don't have to be locked to a certain few miku songs from project diva,) and not on some dead geocities page or the chord wiki

Or am I stuck waiting for the day when a Project Diva game gets released with the song I want

your best chance of having


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your best chance of having those songs tabbed is probably attempting to tab them yourself

We've discussed this a few


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We've discussed this a few times on the forums and generally come to the conclusion that anything that is not made for games or anime does not belong. I think having a weeaboo section would allow too many songs that are not in the spirit of the site. Anime is allowed, but I always figured archard started putting anime on the site because many composers for videogames also work on animes and vice versa (although that's true for western shows as well to a lesser extent, but that's another discussion), but that doesn't mean any J-pop / J-rock music fits on the site.

We already have two Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series songs on the site, but now I'm thinking that was a mistake. When I posted those I thought those songs were made specifically for the game. But are they just songs made by random vocaloid composers and then chosen by the game producers which ones they use? If so then those games might have to be removed from the site, but the songs can remain on the forum.

And by removing those Diva games from the site that would make the chances of you getting the songs you want tabbed even worse, but there doesn't seem to be much interest in those games here already. You could always ask in the request section even if we don't allow the tab to be posted officially on the site. It's unlikely that somoeone would see and fulfill the request (like most requests on the site) but it might help. And there are other sites with some vocaloid tabs if you search for "vocaloid guitar tabs" or "Hatsune Miku guitar tabs".


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If people really want


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If people really want Vocaloid (yuck!) tabs, you could start a specific forum thread for them and not have them posted up officially.

I don't think they would belong, but we do have an off topic section and I've seen forum requests for non vg/anime get done there previously, so why not with vocaloid too.

Just a thought.



thanks for the replies. Im


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thanks for the replies.
Im not even a fan of vocaloid, just a couple of unpopular songs I wish a skilled person could write for guitar,
and this is the only weeb guitar community I know.

I'll keep hoping.

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