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Fire Emblem - Optimized

Man Blob

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This was originally tabbed by archard. I dunno about you guys but I can't seem to play those 18's and 17's fast enough, so this is my version
I was going to keep it to myself, but I decided "Hey, why not share it!"

You guys can take it or leave it if ya want, archard did the tabbing very well and I only just rearranged the notes, added its own midi, some vibratos and added note duration. Oh and also I rearranged the start part on how I personally play it too. Its for my tab collection you see, so I wanted to keep it as clean as possible with all of that extra stuff.

Also take careful note of the repeats in the song. I added those to save room. There are two repeat parts in there so be sure keep a lookout for them or the song wont play right. If you cant find the tune, the midi is *here*. I couldn't get the note spacing perfect so it might sound a little off.

Now without further ado,
here is the link to the tab

***click here***

Enjoy everyone!

Re: Fire Emblem - Optimized


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Nice Job