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Battle with Lance (pokemon gold/silver)


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im not too happy with the last three notes of what i have so far, but i'de like to hear some feedback from other ears before i go any further into tabbing this

what i have so far
youtube of original song

the french horn is the closest sounding instrument to the original song i could find on guitar pro

Re: Battle with Lance (pokemon gold/silver)


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yeah, the last three notes are a little bit high than the original song...
can you post your guitar pro tab here? i maybe could help ya :D


anyway, i was playing at GP here and i've come up to this:


i think this song isnt good to play at only one guitar.
but i tried to make even the sound when the battle menu gets ready [that little noise].
so take this GP tab and see what do you think :D
Here's the tab

sorry for my bad english