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how did you improve your technique?


Joined: Mar 12 2009

i just wonder , how everyone learn to improve their technique?
because sometimes i don't know how. what can i do to improve my technique.

Re: how did you improve your technique?


Joined: Mar 29 2007

for classical, i just asked myself the same thing yesterday

2 things i had been slowly declining on

1st: make shure your hand placement and finger pressure/placement are efficient
there's no need to hammer down each string every time, a soft placement right against the fret will serve just as well if not better and allow for smoother playing

2nd: body posture

lately ill end up hunched over my guitar like the guys who are testing out the electrics at guitar center or someone playing a stand-up bass

instead relax sit back and let the guitar sit like so :

see if that helps, maybe thats too basic for you i donno, but it helps me a TON

Re: how did you improve your technique?


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Joined: May 16 2007

To learn new techniques I just learn songs that I know are way above me and require a technique I have not done before.

Like right now I am learning this piece...

it builds off of stuff I already know like the rasqueo etc etc but I have never tried doing to percussion stuff before that occurs at I am learning that...

one thing at a time bro!

Re: how did you improve your technique?



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Joined: Oct 13 2008

practice a speceific technique 2 hours a day for 2 weeks.

Re: how did you improve your technique?


Joined: Apr 10 2007

Take a few lessons. They're a bit pricey (20-25 for a 30 minute lesson) but they give you a great practice regimen and get you started.
Like I always say. Use a metronome.



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Re: how did you improve your technique?


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