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NES sound help!


Joined: Jan 26 2009

So, what tone generators/ synths n such did they use for the sound? I need help figuring this out to possibly build a guitar pedal (Not a fuzz like fxdoctor 8-bit or deviever bit) that resembles the sound. Any technical stuff will help. Thanks

Re: NES sound help!


Joined: Sep 06 2008

The square channel(s) have the ability to generate a square wave frequency in the range of 54.6 Hz to 12.4 KHz. It's key features are frequency sweep abilities, and output duty cycle adjustment.

The triangle wave channel has the ability to generate an output triangle wave with a resolution of 4-bits (16 steps), in the range of 27.3 Hz to 55.9 KHz. The key features this channel has is it's analog triangle wave output, and it's linear counter, which can be set to automatically disable the channel's sound after a certain period of time has gone by.

The noise channel is used for producing random frequencys, which results in a "noisey" sounding output. Output frequencys can range anywhere from 29.3 Hz to 447 KHz. It's key feature is it's pseudo- random number generator, which generates the random output frequencys heard by the channel.