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Animal Crossing - Rainy Day


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This is "Rainy Day" from the original Animal Crossing. It's a fairly simple song, I like it since it resembles the game's main theme. Hope you like it!

Re: Animal Crossing - Rainy Day


VG Maniak

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Thanks for uploading.


Check out my VGM cover channel ! :p

Animal Crossing is a popular


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Animal Crossing is a popular simulation video game that revolves around the peaceful life of a human villager in a town inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. While the game's environment is generally safe and friendly, players must still be mindful of potential dangers, such as venomous animals. Certain creatures in the game, such as scorpions and spiders, can inflict a venomous bite on the player character, causing them to faint and lose progress. To avoid these dangerous encounters, players can take precautions such as carrying a net or running away from venomous animals when they appear.