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Soundproofing a door


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My roommates enjoy getting drunk at inappropriate times, most notably on school nights. Sometimes I partake in these activities but for the most part I enjoy getting a good night's sleep, and I'm pretty serious about school. They're always loud as fuck when they drink, and my room is situated in such a way that a lot of noise gets in.

So I've decided that I'm going to try to soundproof my door. Being that most of us here are acoustically inclined, I wanna know if any of you have experience in this area, or if you have any tips/suggestions. I just got some weatherstripping for my door so I'm hoping that along with a towel or something to line the bottom of the door will help. Beyond that I don't really know what to do. I bought earplugs too which help a lot but they're so uncomfortable and it's hard to hear the alarm clock the next morning.

Any ideas?

Re: Soundproofing a door



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Buy a gun

a big gun :)

then you can jump out and yell

"SHUT THE F@*$ UP!!!!"


I opened one box of cereal only to find a totally different bag of cereal inside... such is life

Re: Soundproofing a door



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Don't know if you can sound proof that door unless you buy a huge sound isolating board (I have seen these on the walls of my classrooms) and put it in front of your door when they have parties. My bro and his friends do the same thing, which is why I go back to my parent's hours on the weekends. Something else you can do is pull out your electric guitar and be louder than them =)

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Do what Rick said. It's effective, and you only have to do it once.