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Fairy Fountain help

Re: Fairy Fountain help


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Melody is okay but your bass notes are way too random, sometimes doubling the melody, sometimes creating passing harmonies. It's too chaotic, pay more attention to the original as far as the bass line goes. That's not to say copy it, but at least look at the way it works and why it works. Don't haphazardly throw bass notes around.

PS. Rather than having all of those tied 16th notesin the bass, consider clicking the "bass voice" button and putting them in as quarter notes. For those of us who read sheet music this is incredibly messy. If you don't know what that is look at the tool bar in guitar pro, see where you can see the rests and ties, keep going to the right. Just past the 15mb you'll see a box highlighted with a dark grey area on top and a lighter one on the bottom. This is telling you you have the lead voice selected. Click the one to the right of it and you will be working in the bass voice. Once you do that experiment and you'll see how it works. It makes for a "prettier" tab.