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Need Birthday suggestions!


Matt Keith

Location: Okemos, MI

Joined: Jan 20 2009

Hey, my guitar tabberinos. My birthday is today (Super 16th) and I need some suggestions as to what I should do for a final party. After this, I feel a bit too old for birthday parties.

Re: Need Birthday suggestions!


The Fingerstyle Mechanic

Location: Dallas Texas

Joined: Aug 27 2008

drink it up with friend not too much but have fun talk to some ladies.

P.S your never to old to have parties im 27 and still have them every year.


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Re: Need Birthday suggestions!


Matt Keith

Location: Okemos, MI

Joined: Jan 20 2009

Hahaha, thanks, but my folks have eyes of hawks. They'd never let me out of the house without a cell phone and a "responsible person" along. And I do plan on having parties, but not like cake, gift and singin' parties. Just like, go eat some pizza and see a movie parties. But this year, I'm going to be immature one more time. XD


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What a pity that we cannot continue this conversation in real time ((Modern conditions for communication have become completely different after covid restrictions. I am so used to online communication that I prefer a dating site rather than a party. There I can chat and be anonymous. My online friends gave me a virtual gift - a video game on Steam)) And my new girlfriend gave me a striptease when she came on a date))



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I love balloons and it would


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I love balloons and it would be perfect for any party! I think you can also look at balloons on ! It will make your party unforgettable! I like decorating my house with balloons for my birthday because I think that on this day we need to have a lot of balloons!

set up a company


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Hello people. I want to register a company in Singapore, but cannot go there. What should i do?

Re: set up a company


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