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Inuyasha - Exterminator, Sango


Joined: Aug 09 2008

I know there's no section for Inuyasha, but I was listening to the great piece that is Sango's theme (piano version) and doesn't sound very difficult to play. So here's my attempt as tabbing it. Tell me what you guys think. And here's the link to the MP3

Exterminator, Sango

Re: Inuyasha - Exterminator, Sango


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Good job, but the intro was a little off. I only made a couple changes in the rest of the tab though


Submit the tab once you have checked the corrections and I'll post it on the site for you


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Re: Inuyasha - Exterminator, Sango


Joined: Aug 09 2008

Oh, thanks for the help with the intro and end. I was originally planning to do a Guitar I (only background) part, but when I realized it gets even lower then Open E, I couldn't figure it out. But it sounds fine like this, so I can do that quick modification then send it in.

Thanks again.