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Re: How did you discover gametabs?


Location: Sacramento, CA

Joined: Aug 13 2007

Was searching for video game tabs on Google. Since I started playing the Guitar in 2006, I ended up here. It was probably the 3rd best Video Game Tablature site at the time, and now it's the 1st :)

Re: How did you discover gametabs?


macz r kool

Location: United States

Joined: Aug 29 2008

My friend plays guitar really well and one day played a song from Legend of Zelda for me. He got the tabs here. He never made an account so I decided to so I could comment on some tabs. He then ended up giving me his first guitar so so I could practice.

Re: How did you discover gametabs?


Working on: auris song

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I searched for some FFVII tabs, and this site popped up


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Re: How did you discover gametabs?


Location: New York

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Someone who saw some of my Megaman covers on youtube sent me a message a while and told me I should make tabs for them.
He told me about this site and well here I am.