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I think I understand where you're coming from Justin. I look at my place in life right now and I'm really unhappy about it. Sometimes you know that you want things to change but it feels like, even if you knew what to do, that for whatever reason it would be impossible.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hope you can follow your dreams and reach your goals. You certainly have the ability and talent necessary to get there. I, like others here, was very inspired by you to play guitar the way I do now. I switched from steel string to nylon because of you and I never would have dreamed of arranging a piece for classical guitar if not for your arrangements and videos. And now I also have a few unfinished projects on my desktop. ;)

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I guess I reached a breaking point the other day when I deleted all of my account in disgust. I logged in that morning and instead of seeing a bunch of recordings I did for fun, I saw instance after instance of my failure to achieve where I want to be

LOL if THAT doesn't sound like an artist, I don't know what does.

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cgseth said

I've had some serious back problems. I had a habit of getting too involved in things and ignoring pain (e.g. playing guitar too long). And it got to the point where it was unbearable. I stopped using the computer and playing guitar for several months and I am slowly recovering now, getting better every day.

I doubt I'll be back like I was, as my injury has given me some perspective about what I have been doing. But I would like to make a few videos now and then just for the fun of it.

Anyway, hope to see more from Kabukibear and everyone soon.

Wow, that's a shame. I really hope you recover fully and get your guitar skills back up to where they were before.

Do you still go to UMD?



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hmm i still remembered when i see you(kabukibear)play radical dreamer after i hear your play i decided to learn play acoustic guitar so what i want say is never give up in this life

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archard said

Kabukibear, think of it this way. All this time you've spent arranging has given you an incredible portfolio. Although you don't think you've progressed toward your goal, I think the amount of quality arrangements you've produced in your own free time is enough to convince any publisher that you're the guy they need. It's just a matter of finding one who's looking for some great new talent.

My suggestion to you is to start doing some research. Look into all the different publishing companies and try to talk to others who arrange for a living. Most likely there are forums with people like that. A lot of publishers have websites with job listings and information on how to apply for the job, but even if they don't I would just get the addresses of a bunch of different ones and send demos of your work. Maybe print out all your arrangements on nice paper and get them professionally bounded or something.

I really wanna see you succeed at this man. I've always imagined buying a Final Fantasy guitar book with the words 'Arranged by Justin Lincoln' on the front cover. I know you have the talent, it's just a matter of letting other people know now.

As Archard said I want to see that book too :D even if i have to buy it online :P.

Well man you GOT tallent. With your tabs i have challenged myself time and time because they were so perfect and if you ever read this again, remember this YOU NEVER FAIL, FAILUR DOSENT EXIST, INSTED IS A WAY OF DISCOVERING THAT THAT WASANT THE CORRECT WAY. srry bout caps :P. But if you dont succed find another way. (if you didint understand srry i didint know how to explain it im puertorican :D) Dont ever give up on what you like to do most.

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ok everyone this tread has gone on way too long Kabukibear is back on Youtube and Gametabs so go find him.

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