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Programmers, assemble


Joined: Jan 11 2007

Just wondering about the technical expertise of the community. I'm interested if there's anyone here who has experience in web development and could possibly help me out with some things. I'm particularly interested in people who are familiar with jQuery, or javascript in general. I'm pretty experienced at the server side, backend of development (PHP, MySQL, etc) but I lack a lot when it comes to client side stuff, which is what javascript is all about. I particularly would like to get familiar with AJAX, so I can do things like make a better shoutbox.

Even if you're not very experienced, make a post just cause I'm curious ;)

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I'm not a programmer, I'm an artist. If you ever need graphical work done, let me know. I'm able to do that more over...however, I'm not too good with programming.


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Just finished up a course in XHTML/Javascript last semester. Can't say I'm great with it, but I can handle some basic client-side scripting with ease. I'm happy to contribute if you think you could use my help.

You can PM me or e-mail me if you prefer:
[email protected]

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artist here, too.

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familiarize yourself with jQuery ( for all your ajax needs...I am a programmer and work with this stuff on a daily basis. I don't have any time to help out though.

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I currently work mainly in a database and application environment (SQL Server 2005, VB, a small amount of web development in .asp/html and some javascript). I am also currently taking my second Java class which is supposed to start touching on some AJAX, but am not sure if it will. My time is very limited... but I may be able to help a little bit.

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Oh, forgot to mention:

It was extremely helpful in learning JavaScript, and I think they offer tutorials on a number of other server-side/client-side languages as well. They also offer certification in the languages they teach, which is good for the resumes of the up and coming web developers out there.

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Another good website is:

Pretty easy to follow along with and includes good examples.

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yoshistrings said

artist here, too.

your drawing of yoshi holding a guitar does not count as


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I'm a student of business information systems and have some experience with client side javascript. I've mostly used Google Web Toolkit. It gives you the possibility to write your application in easy java code and compile it into a html page which contains javascript. Its pretty easy to use.
The bad thing is, its only connection to your backend is through servlets. This ones have to be interpreted by a special server. Like Tomcat or Resin.

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I want to become a SAP


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I want to become a SAP programmer but I don't know what to start with. So as soon as we assemble here, maybe anyone could suggest a job for me?

​Thanks so much for the


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​Thanks so much for the ideas. I wish I had had access to it earlier, although when I got stuck with SAP, I honestly told myself that as soon as I worked with my Middle East office, I didn't know anything about local taxation and accounting. Back then and even now it is easier to ​go now and find an SAP consultant who works as a freelancer. And just outsource this job.

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I just started my IT studies at college and so far it would be a challenge to participate in any serious projects, though I'd like to. In case if you're confident in your skills and want to help students, here is what you can try, they do my programming assignment now. I think they have many creative programming projects to offer, so I bet you won't be bored likewise those students.



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As I can see, many people out there are looking for job offers, but I think it's better to check various job-searching platforms in order to find something suitable. For instance, you can check out developer jobs abroad, and I believe it won't take you long to find a job offer with good working conditions.