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classical guitar help


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ok so i have been playing guitar for about a year now, but i don't know anything about playing in the classical style. I was wondering if u guys know any easy classical style tabs so that i can get started.

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well, I'm not entirely sure what easy would be, since I've been playing classical style for a while now. Maybe my fragments of dreams tab from chrono cross?

I myself started with kabukibear's radical dreamers arrangement. Fragments of dreams is like a simple version of that.

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Takaf221's tab for Far Off Promise / To Good Friends from Chrono Trigger is a good place to start.

I'd also suggest Kabukibear/Justin's Kids Run Through the City Corner from FF VI and Ron Cruz's arrangement of the Theme of Love from FF IV.

Ron's was the first one I learned all the way through, and the other two are also great, mostly straight-forward pieces. Video examples can be helpful when it comes to getting your picking fingers matched with the intent, I overuse my thumb and neglect my back two fingers for terrible technique.

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wow, people actually play my arrangements! I'm shocked.

Anyhoo, to play actual classical stuff look here

Some of them are marked as easy. Try those.

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ronito said

wow, people actually play my arrangements! I'm shocked.

I have played most of your arrangements at least partially :) I spent a whole day going through a lot of your stuff. I even committed your arrangements of "A Wish," "Places in the Heart," and "The Place I'll Return to Someday" to memory.

Onto the subject, I would research some proper technique too. Even though you may think it irrelevant, it will help you out in the long run.