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Does anyone watch LOST?


Joined: Jan 11 2007

I have to admit that I watch this show religiously. I know it makes no sense, I know the writers have no clue what's going to happen, but I don't care. I just can't stop watching it. I started watching in the second season and I'm too far into it to give up on it. Sometimes I wish I hadn't started, just because it's such a ridiculous show and it can only get more ridiculous.

So does anyone else here watch it? I figured we could start a discussion on some of the many unknown things about this show consider season 5 starts in a week.

Re: Does anyone watch LOST?



Joined: Apr 17 2007

I started watching Lost @ one point, at the beginning... when everyone else did, but I lost interest really fast, so much build up to lead to more build up, I couldn't stand it anymore

The only show I watch now, or will be watching again, is Life On Mars

Reminds me of a PC game called Sanitarium :)

Just less morbid lol


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