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Hey folks, I was wondering whether someone could give me an advice on ocarinas. A friend mentioned today something about an ocarina and now I'm all fired up to try to play one of these thingies... :D Anyway, all I ever played was the guitar and the violin, so I've no idea whatsoever what to look for when buying an ocarina. If I want an ocarina that has at least two whole octaves, how many holes does it need to have? Can I play any basic melody line I want on an ocarina or does it have some limitations that wouldn't let me, for example, play songs like "Aerith Theme", "Bink's no Sake" or "Professor Oak Theme"? Also, I saw that you can get an ocarina for like 6-7 bucks and it looks like this:

Would that be ok? And sorry if my questions were stupid, I really have no experience with blowing instruments... Btw, I saw someone selling an old and used ocarina. Wouldn't really like to play that thing.. XD

Take this with a grain of


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Take this with a grain of salt since I'm out of my element here and haven't looked into an ocarina in forever.

1 octave = 8 notes. So you would need at least an ocarina that plays 16 notes to acheieve 2 octives,
so you would need at least that many holes.

As for songs that you can play I can't say much, but with a double ocarina you should have a large
selection to choose from.

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Anime Clef

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Omg, a double ocarina?? That's almost like a double rainbow... XD No seriously, I'm amazed and I'm burning to try one out. Think I'm gonna buy a normal one for a couple of bucks first, and then invest 120$ into a double one if I get the hang of it. Thanks a bunch mate! /t


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