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Been making a web site for my brother in law


Nate Brooks

Location: Utah

Joined: Jan 05 2011

Hi guys, just wondering if the site I've been making looks good on other computers, if stuff lines up right. He wants a pretty graphical site, looks good on my end, but I want other monitors to try it out.

Let me know if it's working!

(also, don't forget to try out the "sample" at the bottom of the Gingers page, I just barely put it together)

Everything looks good to me.


VG Maniak

Location: France

Joined: Aug 26 2008

Everything looks good to me. I got no problems browsing the site.
Oh, and I'm using a TV as monitor, so if there's no problem on my screen, I'm kinda sure it will work perfectly anywhere else. :P


Check out my VGM cover channel ! :p

the ribbony thing covers up


Location: Tampa, FL

Joined: Jan 04 2009

the ribbony thing covers up some of the text on this page

I'm not saying this to be an


Joined: Oct 26 2010

I'm not saying this to be an edgy asshole, but the juxtaposition of your BIL's picture with two little lost confused girls is really bad. It looks like hes leering at them or something. Maybe use a different photo.

For me, everything is


Location: France

Joined: Dec 31 2009

For me, everything is alright.

The only strange thing I saw was the space at the bottom of that page :
which appeared to me too big, as you can see here :

And the events on this page happened in March, so that page is unnecessary IMO ^^'

EDIT : Sorry I didn't succeed in inserting the image...

Thanks for the input


Nate Brooks

Location: Utah

Joined: Jan 05 2011

Thanks for the input guys!

Ill try to figure out these things. And yeah, i dont like his picture either, he should have me swap it out.

What do you think about the sample book?

Not bad. The banner


Joined: Sep 06 2008

Not bad. The banner shouldn't cover up the text, of course.

You should test on mobile browsers. In particular the behavior if you go back in mobile Safari is a bit strange. (Actually, it seems a little strange in my desktop browser too, now that I check.)

The way the text curves on the banner doesn't quite match the curve of the banner itself.

I would avoid ever exposing .php in a URL. That's leaking an implementation detail.

The text is a bit thin on the book page.





Joined: Nov 24 2021

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Been making a website for my


Joined: Jun 17 2022

Been making a website for my brother-in-law. Here you get the site and learn more skills about app development. He's a software engineer and wants to be an entrepreneur on his own. I, as his sister, have been helping him build his online presence, but he doesn't really understand what the hell he wants to do with the site.

I think you will need the


Joined: Sep 07 2022

It looks good and I don't see any problems with the site. But remember that for your site to work well you need software. You can find ready-made on the Internet exactly for the functions you need. But if you want to spend more money, you can even get custom software from dedicated software development team. This is much better but also more expensive of course.

I would recommend that you


Joined: Sep 26 2022

I would recommend that you pay attention to the logo of the site. simplicity - there is no need to complicate anything. One of the modern trends in logo design is minimalism. When looking for inspiration for marketing companies logo, a simple style is a great choice. The fewer design elements and details, the easier the logo is to remember. It should look good in both light and dark modes. In addition, it should also fit perfectly into the layout of the site .

I've been making a website


Location: Alaska

Joined: Feb 05 2022

I've been making a website for my brother-in-law. He's an online marketing specialist and he needed a website that he could use to help people connect with him, so he can teach them how to market their own businesses online. Here you check to know how to listen to cell phone conversations from another phone with more new tips for spouse cheating text codes. The site had to be easy to use and it also had to be visible on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

I've been working on a


Joined: Oct 21 2022

I've been working on a website for my brother-in-law. My brother has got a lot of hobbies and passions, so I've had to make a website for him. You need to check this and get more new latest tips for marketing. He likes to play computer games, build things, and model cars on his new PC. He's also really into music and movies, so I've had to include lots of those things too. There's even a page that showcases his amazing photography skills.

Maybe someone knows a site


Joined: Nov 09 2021

Maybe someone knows a site where I can find templates for different documents? I'm afraid of making a mistake, so I don't want to create a document from scratch.

I've been using templates for


Joined: Jan 28 2022

I've been using templates for various documents for a long time, because it saves a lot of time. I usually take templates here, and I've never had problems with the quality of the document. By the way, about mistakes. It's true. If you rarely deal with any documents, then it is quite easy to make a mistake, and then you have to redo it.

Re: Been making a web site for my brother in law


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If you've made a website but don't understand which business processes need to be adjusted in backend development, ProcessMIX gives you the ability to create a query and display the result. So with Database integration, you can make sure your processes are running as planned, whether they are internal or external. You can also use the built-in reporting functions to see which areas have problems or can be improved.



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Creating a website for someone is a great way to showcase their work or services to a larger audience. It can also be a fun and challenging experience for the web designer. So you can get web design Ipswich and solve their online web design easily. When making a website for a family member or friend, it is important to understand their needs and goals for the website. This can involve a lot of communication and collaboration throughout the process. The end result should be a website that accurately represents the individual or business, while also providing a user-friendly experience for visitors.