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Final Fantasy XI - The Sanctuary of Zi'tah


Joined: Nov 28 2008

The Sanctuary of Zi'tah

Here's the tab I promised for the Final Fantasy XI song "The Sanctuary of Zi'tah". Unfortunatey, there seems to be a problem with my version of GUITAR PRO 5, and it won't export an ASCII file of this tab for me. The zip currently contains a .pdf, .mid, and .gp5 file. I'm hoping Kabukibear or Archard (or someone else) can figure out the problem. In the meantime, I put all the other files here so those people who want the tab won't have to wait.

I emailed the accompanying .mp3 to kabukibear, since it was too big to upload onto this site.

Thanks, and I hope you guys enjoy the tab. (I had fun making it).

-Teri *^.^*